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The SEO king course (honest review + secret revealed)

Hello My lovely Friends my name is Anwar kaladgi today I am giving my own honest review on The SEO king course . because I know what’s the value of this course and I am also a member of this course.

Matka guessing

Guys no one reveals secret in online field everything is revealed about how to Rank your website and how to Make Money Online everything revealed in this course.

I can’t write my feelings in writing that what feel I feels on this video I told my story of online field

Watch this video the untold my story πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

So let’s know that if you have bought this course then what will you learn and what will you get for free.

The SEO KING Course – Complete 60+ Hours of Recording

:- Features -:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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Let’s see how many chapters are in this course.

small summaryπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Module 1.

Chapter 1 :- The Basic of SEO


The SEO king

Guys in this chapter you will know that some basic of SEO means what, why how about Search Engine Optimization.

Chapter 2 :- Technical SEO

The SEO king

My Friends here you will Learn that we must know that some technical thing means what is keywords, backlinks , much more.


Introduction to Google search console – The SEO king

The SEO king
Introduction to Google search console.

Hey buddy’s in this chapter you will cover that how to track your website position and which is your keywords are ranking on Google and much more full explain.


Chapter 4 :- Deadly SEO Mistakes

 The SEO king
source by Abhit upadhyay. FOUNDER OF THIS COURSE

Hey bro here you will know that what do we mistake in website ranking we also learn here what should we don’t do this mistakes for push on top google.


Chapter 5 :- Google major Updates – The SEO king

 The SEO king

Guys in this chapter you will learn that what’s new google updates what’s google want to say publishers (Bloggers) you can empliment these updates in your blog.


Chapter 6 :- Google Ranking Factor

 The SEO king

Friends here you will cover that what should we do for website ranking and how bloggers are ranking their website by the google factors they first target on Google factor what Google need.

Next you will get a WordPress Overview Ebook pdf.

Module 2. Proven content Frame work

Chapter 7 :- How to Find Topics to write – The SEO king

The SEO king

Guys our SEO journey will start from here and in this chapter you will know that How to find topics to publish on your Blog because guys if we don’t have a topics which you want write on that about we couldn’t do anything so that’s for we must have a topic for write we will cover here that easily you will find the topics for write.

Chapter 8 :- Basic Key Word research  

The SEO king

My friends we will know here that some basic keyword research from Google and much more this chapter is important because if you write a topic (article) and want to Rank on Google some techniques you will know here.

Chapter 9 :- Advance Keyword research – Tool

 The SEO king

Hey brothers this Lesson was my Favorite because I had learn that how can find that keywords which we want rank on Google easily and also how many people are working on your keyword which you choosed for rank on google by the keyword to article.

Chapter 10 :- Content Research

The SEO king

my brother’s we will cover in this chapter is that we will learn that which content article is gone viral which article is good for us to publish in our blog.

Chapter 11 :- Writing Headlines and Intro

The SEO king

we will learn in this chapter is that how to give attractive news headlines for people to click themself on our article which we published.

Chapter 12 :- Checklist for writing Blog – The SEO king

The SEO king

Guys here will know that before we publish Our article what can we make correctly and attract and alerts awareness we must know some important thing before we publish the article.

Chapter 13 :- The Power Page 

The SEO king

A page that is designed for more share backlinks and ranking means that we have to do to create some attractive page which people themselves share your article and commenting and  like this all we will cover this all in this chapter.

Chapter 14 :- How to write Blog post – The SEO king

The SEO king

simple things guys we will know here how to present a article for users (public) for example :- if I had rice I will not like it if I give you rice, if you give me some rice for some served with awesome plate and chattani then it will be very good that we have to write articles to good beautiful.

Module 3. Social marketing

Chapter 14 :- Guide to Social media marketing

The SEO king

Guys here will know that how can we make high our reputation in social media means how can we make our brand awareness from social media for example Facebook, Instagram,LinkedIn, Pinterest, twitter, YouTube and much more.

Chapter 15 :- Secret software + Drop shipping store

Guys we should must know some secret software which we can rank on google easily in online field and also know that Drop shipping store who people earning lots of dollar$ per day will learn in full detail.

Extra knowledge :- How to run Facebook ads campaign

hey guys we will know that how to run a perfect Facebook ads in cheap rate more engagement from this also we capture how to drive traffic from Facebook to our website.

Module 4 

Advance SEO

The SEO king

Guys in this chapter will learn how to make a backlinks for rank easily on Google and also how I can get backlinks from other websites how to approach them for backlinks and much more will be here.

Module 5 :- Super Advance SEO 

The SEO king

Guys really I am telling truth this chapter was my favourite chapter because while this chapter is started then I was so hungry that I am I was going for dinner in non veg hotel

when this chapter has been started then this chapter was amazing totally I am forgetting to have dinner

while I am watching this chapter really guys my brain is totally boomed because from this chapter from this chapter you will be automated from this techniques makes you automated in manage to your blog.

in this chapter you will learn mind blowing techniques amazing guys recently I am also using this techniques.

:: Inspiration ::

friends now all the chapter will be completed here now you will be rank your website easily from these all techniques just you must follow these techniques.

:: Bonus Lectures ::

Lesson no.1 :- Email + Affiliate marketing – The SEO king

In this lesson we will know that how to target audience by the emails and also how we can make them force to buy our product or anything from our affiliate links.

:: Popular Guest ::

The SEO kingPopular guest  Tech Ripon and Amit Mishra will also come to get excited for us and also to give us a tricks for implement in our website and online field and also QNA will be there.

Study materials ( Themes + Bonuses)

guys if you join in ThiS course then you will get premium themes for free.

(1) Genesis Framework theme (worth Rs.4150)

(2) Authority Pro theme (worth Rs. 8989)

(3) Generate press premium version (worth Rs.3389)
With generate press License.

:- Recommended Tools :-

guys here we will know which tools is best for us which tools we have must use for rank our website.

:- Become Certified – SEO EXPERT :- 

friends after This course you will get a certificate by SEO expert now you will be able to work with your client.

:- Wishes :-

Now This course has been completed and I wish that you will get your success soon and all the best guys.

:- Thanks in advance -:

my lovely friends I hope you like and you will share this article with your friends and also in social medias if do you have any queries about this course you can contact me on this WhatsApp number 9036161178 or Email me here 

                                                       Thank you and Love you All…

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The SEO king
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the seo king
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