Satta matka

Satta matka real story how he lost 25 Lac rupees

Welcome guys today I will tell you that how a man lost 25 Lac rupees in satta matka you will know that how he lost 25 Lac rupees in satta

Guys this game is verry Dangerous In this game you can win some money and lose a lot of money in return. Let’s show you below 👇👇👇

Satta matka

Friends, there was a rich man in a village, he had a lot of money and his name was Ratan Das

He had a big business, had clothing shops and had a big business

One day he was going to his clothes shop, then suddenly he has been summoned to eat pan masala, because he had already eaten pan masala ,

he has been asked to eat pan masala , then he stopped his car in a paan shop and pan shop went to take pan masala

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As he walked into the paan shop, a man was counting a lot of money.

He said hey wow did you win any lottery so much money?

The paan shop owner said yes sir, I have won the lottery.

Oh wow this is a very good thing, which lottery did you play and how did you play, tell me also I will play I will also win a lot of money.

Satta matka

Oh sir, it is a game like lottery, which we call Satta Matka.

Does Satta Matka teach me what it is and how to play it too?

Hey sir, this is a very dangerous game, in this game people have been ruined somewhere and some people have become settled.

If you want to play this game, let me tell you how it is played.

Than that shop owner Explained everything about this game.

The rich man had understood everything about the satta matka , he started playing and lost a lot of money.

He lost all his money because he had a lot of greed in his heart.

People say that greed is bad.

Friends, I make a request to you that if you are playing satta game, then you have to be patient and if you work with greed then you can lost all your money.

Satta Matka bad or good

Look friends, this is a game that someone is benefited in the game, then someone is harmed

that means this game is good for someone, it is bad for someone, I think my game will be this game bad

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